So I learned a new term today.  QUILTBAG.

Q – Queer, Questioning
U – Unidentified
I – Intersex
L – Lesbian
T – Transsexual, Transgender
B – Bisexual
A – Asexual
G – Gay, Genderqueer

I kinda like it.  I mean, partly I like it just because it’s an acronym that is also actually a pronounceable word (at least in English).


I also like it because, well, it’s a bag.  As in: “Everyone in the quiltbag” or “The whole quiltbag” or whatever.  You could potentially even use “Everyone else in the quiltbag” if you wanted a reference to “alternative[1]” sexualities/relationship-styles like S/M, D/s, and the gamut of Open romantic relationships (that said, the kinky ones could technically be included under the “L” as Leather or the “B” as BDSM…) that also include heterosexuals.


I even like Melannen’s thought about making an actual quilted tote bag using the various flags and symbols as patches.


So, yeah.  I think I may try to use this term more often.


– Cheers,

– Ms. Syren.






[1] Alternative to cis-het-vanilla- monogamous Heternormativity, specifically.