So I’m trying this Kink of the Week thing, and playing catch-up for the moment, since I’ve started it rather late. Today, we’re talking about Stockings, Pantyhose and Tights.
To be frank, I’m a socks and stockings gal. On me. On other women. Gartered or stay-ups. They’re a lot more comfortable. The little flash of skin between the top of the stocking (or the thigh-high sock – I’m a big fan of OTK/thigh-high socks – warm, practical, and sexy as all get out) and the hem of the skirt is just delicious. Colour isn’t a big deal (although socks and stockings that match my skin, more or less, are kind of boring), and it’s not the confinement or anything. They’re just elegant. And, hey, I like legs, and stockings (and socks) show them off nicely.
All that being said, I’m a femme chicky, and how I cover (or don’t cover) my legs is a Gender Presentation Thing as much as it’s a practical, “warmth in -30 winters” Thing. I kind of despise trousers, and I’m quite tall. So thigh-high socks are a way to keep myself warm while also feeling like like look like myself. If that makes any sense.
Anyway. That’s it for me.
Kink of the Week
Ms Syren.