So I’m giving the “Kink of the Week” thing a try.
Piercings: Yes or No?
I had my ears pierced in the 6th grade, done with a piercing gun at Arden or that kind of costume jewelry mall store. It hurt (big shock – although it was, at the time, a shock just how much it hurt), and I was only okay with doing it after I’d seen my younger sister get it done and live to tell the tale. I can sadist with the best of them, but my relationship with receiving pain is mostly about avoiding it whenever possible.
My earring holes grew over in my late teens, although not really. None the less, I spent a good ten years believing that I couldn’t wear earrings unless they were screw-ons or clip-ons (ouch!), and a good 3+ of that time making earrings for other people. A few years ago, though, my Ghost opened the holes up again, and I’ve been having a grand time, ever since, wearing the earrings that I make. It’s been lovely. They’re not part of my kink, by any stretch of the imagination, though I’ve made kink-related earrings (one based on Leatherwood Honey – a poem by Amal El Mohtar – for Ghost) on occasion.
What makes a piercing part of kink instead of (or in addition to) being decorative… Okay. My lovely wife has a couple of tattoos on her wrists. These are my tattoos. They’re just not on my body. I wonder if piercings aren’t similar. They can be something that you get (or give, or demand) as a way of marking or honouring a power dynamic.
As for being pierced: No.
I like play-piercing, but that’s piercing other people. That’s great fun.
But I don’t want people sticking needles into me, thank you very much. It’s not a pleasant experience. Piercing someone else, however… That’s lovely.
I love that it’s hard to screw up. That you get a lot of pain (and a lot of blood, if you’re lucky and have good aim) for not a lot of Actual Physical Damage. That it’s easy to undo if your Bottom starts getting dizzy or queasy or otherwise needs to stop. I like that you can make it more painful (and more bloody!) if you drag (cut from the inside, basically) the needles out rather than slipping them out carefully. I love that your person has to trust you enough to let you put actual holes in/through their skin – which is kind of a big deal. I love that it gets bloody (and I’m a blood player, so that’s a Thing with me). I like that it’s easy to scale up or scale down the intensity of the scene just by changing the gage, or the number, or the placement, of the needles. I find it makes for a very versatile way of playing with people, a safe way to get your feet wet, so to speak, but easy to scale up if you find out that you love-love-love experiencing it.
As for getting piercings because someone else wanted me to… I actually got my ears pierced when I did because my mom (who had originally mandated a “not ‘til you’re sixteen” policy with regards to even such a common-place body modification) wanted an easy go-to for birthday presents for her daughters. But that’s probably not what was meant by that particular question.
With regards to liking piercings on other people: Yeah, I do. It’s not exactly a turn-on. It’s more a marker that “You are probably My People”. Someone with holes in their face is probably someone who wanted the world to see their difference. It piques my interest. Let’s call it that.
Kink of the Week
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