Handy tips (first in a series) on hosting and organizing kinky play parties. Go have a look!


I went to a play party this past year that was a bit of a disaster. The next day, I actually spoke with the head of the group that had organized it and offered to speak with the folks who’d put it together. With somewhere in the region of 50 play parties under my belt, I’ve learned more than a few things about how to make them fun and safe. They won’t take me up on it: for whatever reason, nobody local seems to want to discuss this stuff. So I thought maybe I would blog about it a bit. I’ve been thinking about what tips I would offer for successful party planning, and I’ve decided it’s going to be more than one post. But ya gotta start somewhere, right? So I think this will be one of a series of posts. I don’t promise consistency, I don’t promise to…

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