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L'lerrét Allure

240EF2FF00000578-2875543-image-a-5_1418704482772Trans women of color are doing the damn thing and laughing off the scrutiny and criticism of their oppressors. While this piece is a direct response to Elle Boatman and her Op-ed on entitled ‘Trans Glamour Versus Trans Activism’, I do want to start off by noting that what I say in this piece applies to all persons that seek to silence the many trans women of color that show up and show out advocating for their lives and the lives of others around them. Before I start to truly critique the piece, let me provide you all with some context. Basically (and I mean basic-ally), Elle has written a piece about the Iconic Candy Magazine cover shoot that featured 14 trans role models and pegged this to be demeaning and harmful to the movement. She even made it look exclusionary and misleading, stating that only Laverne Cox, Janet Mock…

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