So this is a really good and insightful article. It’s about fundamentalist Christianity, but can be applied – perhaps not at all surprisingly – to the branches of Radical Feminism that are trans exclusive, whorephobic, and similar. I find this line particularly telling: “At the root of these various fundamentalism is, I believe, a mindset that values ideology over people.” Sound familiar? Do please go and have a read. We may be able to glean some insights from this with regards to how to deal with people who hold this particular mindset.

R.L. Stollar


There is an article by Race Hochdorf going around Facebook entitled, “The Tyranny Of Fundamentalist Language.” It is provocative, insightful, and (in my opinion) spot-on. The heart of Race’s piece is the following statement:

It is impossible to debate a fundamentalist….because their very language psychologically traps them into their frames of mind.

In saying it is impossible to debate fundamentalists, Race is saying that fundamentalists — to borrow a concept from Robert Jay Lifton‘s idea of totalism — load the language. They use language in a radically different way from most society, which enables them to control dialogue. They use “thought-stopping cliches” (which is also a term Lifton uses). Race explains that,

That’s why it’s impossible to debate with a fundamentalist. By replacing “my” with “God” and melding beliefs about authority with authority itself, fundamentalist vocabulary has left no room for humility, reason, openness, doubt or change.


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