So apparently I’m not done for the day, after all. Mercedes Allen hits this one out of the park, offering the personal experiences that led her to her conclusion, discussing the increased conflation of (and linking to another post of hers detailing the differences between) “sexwork” and “human trafficking” and how that conflaition is massively derailing the issues surrounding both subjects, and – most importantly, I think, she talks about the importance of autonomy and how the lack of autonomy brought about by poverty and desperation are exacerbated exponentially by the secrecy and stigma that are built up around sexwork when its criminalized. Go read her article. Fuck yeah Mercedes, you’re a rock star.

Dented Blue Mercedes

I’m putting on my op-ed hat for this.  The following draws from my own history, but I think it helps provide some insight into the left-wing divide over sex work.  I’m skipping over this very quickly, and I’m sure I’ll probably forget some important distinctions and nuances, so bear with me.

This is two parts in one: a personal experience for context, and then some important distinctions about the divisions among the left and among womens’ rights groups over sex work.

A Personal Experience: A Preface

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to do sex work, and that person isn’t me.  It consumes a lot of personal and emotional energy (which, when compounded with the social stigma, is probably why drug use becomes common, I believe).  It’s fine if you’re the ebullient sort who knows how to recoup and restore that energy, but I’m not — I’m…

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