This piece got my attention because it was about Trigger Warnings. I’m… ambivalent about trigger warnings. On the one hand, I have definitely wound up with tunnel vision and my shoulders up around my ears and my breath coming too fast and too short, due to subject matter that freaks me the fuck out. I definitely would have appreciated a heads-up so that I’d know what I was getting myself into. But I also… have some side-eye for “I’m Feeling Triggered” when, rather than meaning “I am on the edge of a panic attack” it means “I don’t like feeling uncomfortable, and this subject is uncomfortable for me” (particularly when the uncomfortable is due to things like “I feel guilty about my privilege” just as a for-instance). It’s easy to abuse, is what I’m getting at. And this particular post talks about how the “trauma olympics” isn’t a good way to organize (or Organize) ourselves. At the same time, I do give this post a bit of a side-eye about (for example) words that are getting reclaimed by people who were never hurt by them in the first place. The feel I get from this piece – which, given that I’m two drinks in at this point, may not be accurate – is that, because we (as queers) aren’t necessarily getting beaten up, raped straight, thrown in jail, or otherwise brutalized *because of our sexual orientations*, our desire to make our space Safe is… not legit, on some level. Like having a GSA in your school means you can’t think about how you’re X perecentage less likely to get hired for a job if you’re out, or that you can’t be a queer white-collar government worker *and* an incest survivor (for example), or something. I’m hoping I’m missing something on this – that the author is really saying something like “Hey there, white, cis queers, maybe *don’t* be all “I’m So Opressed” just because you’re queer when other people in your (or “your”?) communities are *actually* still getting harassed by Concerned Citizens (sometimes that means cops, sometimes that means gentrifiers, and so-on) because they’re brown/sexworking/trans/all-of-the-above/etc.
I don’t know. Anyway. Give it a read and see what you think.

Bully Bloggers

by Jack Halberstam

I was watching Monty Python’s The Life of Brian from 1979 recently, a hilarious rewriting of the life and death of Christ, and I realized how outrageous most of the jokes from the film would seem today. In fact, the film, with its religious satire and scenes of Christ and the thieves singing on the cross, would never make it into cinemas now. The Life of Brian was certainly received as controversial in its own day but when censors tried to repress the film in several different countries, The Monty Python crew used their florid sense of humor to their advantage. So, when the film was banned in a few places, they gave it a tagline of: “So funny it was banned in Norway!”


Humor, in fact, in general, depends upon the unexpected (“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”); repetition to the point of hilarity “you can…

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