Okay, folks. It’s a beautiful, if slightly rainy, day outside. A big part of me wants to shut this computer down, take a walk, and see if I can’t bring home another litre+ of service berries before the season’s over. Another part of me is glued to Twitter, watching the debate around proposed Bill C-36. And another part of me just wants to hole up in an arm chair with a good novel and some chocolate chip cookies, and try to pretend that my country isn’t being force-marched farther and farther into an oil-poisoned, woman-hating, bible-belt version of reality by a bunch of people whose motives just… How can anybody be that appalingly short-sighted, narrow-minded, and cruel???
Seriously. Ignorance isn’t blissful, but it’s got to be less exhausting than this nail-biting cocktail of fury and despair.
So. In the interests of signal-boosting, if nothing else, here are some links about the “Canadian Model” proposed by the Conservatives in response to the Bedford Decision.
First, from Tits and Sass, we have Canada’s Doomed Compromise On Prostitution Laws.
NOW Toronto offers this piece, suggesting that the Conservatives have deliberately proposed a bill that goes 10% against the spirit of the Bedford Decision specifically in order to be able to run on an anti-prostitution (or “anti-trafficking[1]”) platform in the upcoming federal election.
The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association has this reaction to Bill C-36.
Kwe Today has this piece (and this piece) about C-36 and its potential repercussions should it ever be made into law.
Pivot Legal offers this explanation of the bill (for those who would like a review), as well as this letter, signed by over 200 legal experts, criticizing the Conservatives’ proposed bill.
POWER has teamed up with Pivot Legal to produce this eleven-page document: Sexworkers and Bill C-36: Social Science Evidence detailing the ways in which the proposed law will harm sexworkers, thus flying in the face of the Bedford Decision. (NOTE: They have a number of other relevant texts on their website, which I encourage you to check out).
So there you go. Some not-so-light reading for you all.
Ms Syren.
[1] Becasue clearly the best way to help people who have been coerced into sex is to criminalize and marginalize and shame them even more. Genius dudes. Absolute genius.