If you, like me, are an erotica writer, you might want to give this a read.

Kink Praxis

When I heard about #OutWriters, I knew that I wanted to write about this subject, which is one of the central projects in my erotica writing. This is Part 1 of a three part blog series. Here is part 2. Part 3 will go live on 6/21/14.

Being a Queer and Trans Reader

There’s a thing that queers do, and that trans folks do, when engaging with media. Because we are not often represented in our fullness and complexity, we sometimes engage with media in a sideways kind of way. This can look like switching the genders of characters, focusing on queer and trans subtext, eliding the heteronormativity, shifting the plot in our heads, going down a rabbit hole in our minds around a minor character or plot point.

Susie Bright talks about this in The Celluloid Closet, when describing her experience of watching Morocco, how one moment of…

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