So, you may have come across news of this situation in Nigeria already. The situation is that 234 girls were kidnapped from their school, where they were sitting their physics exam, and their government is doing fuck-all to even look for them.
There’s a petition to be signed, here, in the hopes of internationally embarassing the Nigerian government into trying to find them.
You can sign that petition, tweet about the situation using hashtags like #helpthegirls and #bringbackourdaughters, and contacting Joy Uche Angela Ogwu (Permanent Secretary of Nigeria to the UN) – I think your best bet for that is to write to ogwu [at] un [dot] org, but I’m not sure. CCing your letter to womenwatch [at] unwomen [dot] org isn’t going to hurt and you could also try CCing the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) at civilsociety [at] ohchr [dot] org, nationalinstitutions [at] ohchr [dot] org and vstefanov [at] ohchr [dot] org (that last is for Vladlen Stefanov, Chief of the National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section).
All that being said, I’m writing this in Canada, and we have a pretty awful track record, over the past 20 years or so, with regards to not looking for missing women in our own country. To that end, I’m also directing to you this petition calling for a national Inquiry into missing and murdered Indiginous women and girls here because we really freaking need one.
In addition to signing that petition, you can also contact the Ministers for Status of Women and Aboriginal Affairs and Nothern Development directly (links go to contact information, including email), and/or get in touch with Guillermo Enrique Rishchynski Oller (either Rishchynski-Oller [at] un [dot] org OR possibly oller [at] un [dot] org) witha CC to the same folks at the UN office of Human Rights (see above). You can also tweet about using hastags like #mmiw, #nationalinquiry, and #canpoli.
Thanks folks,
Ms Syren.