So. I was at the RHO conference in Toronto last week.
And it was awesome in a zillion different way, and I’ll probably do a write-up about some of it in a bit. BUT I came down from my hotel room and greeted my boss and asked him if he’d gotten up to anything the night before, and I misheard what he said. And this led to some clarification, and then I had to go and write this poem.
You May Know Of Her
My boss came into work this morning
to work this mourning
to work through this
a woman on my street
passed away
you may
know of her

you may know of her
(a question)
you may know of her
a woman
I never knew
and then I know
her neighbourhood
her profession
her body
more intimately than I ever earned
I learned
in those few words
you may know of her
so let me know of her
this sister whom I never knew
let me know her now
And I wrote it out and I gave it to him later that day, and the next morning he showed me this. I found this on the same blog.
A poet, a creator, a multidisciplinary artits, an activist, a contemporary of other women – Mirha-Soleil Ross, Vivian Namaste – whom I’ve had the honour of meeting, however briefly. I’m sorry I never got to meet Ms MacKay. She sounds quite a bit more than brilliant.
Ms Syren.