Today I saw Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) at the GCTC. I’ve known about this play since high school (right around when it was first written, I think), but this was the first time I had a chance to see it.
It was fun. A silly romp, which was the point, with the kind of cross-dressing and mistaken identities that you’d expect from one of Shakespear’s comedies plus a significant dose of The Gay from playwrite Anne-Marie MacDonald.
Tehre were bits that made me twitch – the seducing of the MC by a barely-fourteen-year-old character, the way the audience laughed at Juliet’s overt sexuality and Romeo’s mere appearance in a dress (I know that was the point, but boo!) but there were lots of parts I liked. The warcries of Desdemona and Connie. The way the author would disrupt a scene from Othello or Romeo and Juliet and then pick up the cut-off dialogue later on and put it in a different character’s mouth (so, for example, Iago’s machinations agaist Desdemona to Othello get disrupted by Connie’s appearance, but the dialogue appears later in a scene between Iago and Desdemona, with Iago trying to get Connie killed off). The way Romeo’ and Juliet’s extreme youth was both shown and tempered through use of “embittered middle-aged couple” tropes. The ghost doing bad stand-up in the bone yard.
If you have a night free before December 15th (a week from today), and $40 lying around, I would suggest giving it a go. 🙂