An old post (from last April) but a good one. Go have a read.

Queer Femme Mama

My baby is experiencing separation anxiety. I had to cut my workout short on Monday, because after only 20 minutes away from me, poor Daphne was a puddle of inconsolable tears. As soon as I entered the room, she was all smiles. While the recent lack of mobility is a little frustrating, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am flattered and relieved. Because after two terrible stories hit the news this week, I am happy that my daughter is still at an age where a quick cuddle from one of her moms is enough to console her.

Last Friday I was puttering in the kitchen when I heard the news over the radio. A gunman had opened fire at a Gatineau daycare — only a few minutes over the river and away from where we live. I was momentarily paralyzed and then started madly searching the…

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