This is such a helpful resource. Sex workers’ rights and decrim advocates, take note. 😀

The Honest Courtesan

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  –  John 8:32

I recently realized that because the prohibitionists have a set of stock lies they can repeat in an article or internet comment, someone trying to refute them is forced to link to a number of different sources to debunk those lies.  In order to make things easier, I’ve decided to consolidate responses in one place; in a few days I’ll replicate this column as a static page, to which I can add new lies which may appear and new statistics with which to debunk them.  This column only covers factual claims; emotional arguments of the “no little girl dreams of being a prostitute” variety are covered in “Amazingly Stupid Statements”.

Jodie Foster Taxi DriverLIE:  The average age at which a woman enters prostitution is 13.
TRUTH: If this were true, there would have…

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