Hey all,
Just a quick fly-by post to commemorate the passing of a sex-positivity icon: SF’s Lusty Lady.
Most of the experience-based sex-work anthologies I’ve read have included at least one essay by someone who worked at the Lusty Lady. For a long time, I understood the Lusty purely as a place that sex-positive feminists went to work (for however long) in order to prove that they were serious about this sex-poisitivity stuff. The possibility that you could be a sexworker who was also a sex-positive feminist, or a sex-positive feminist who did sexwork for reasons like paying the rent (rather than to prove you were SRS BZNZ on campus), hadn’t quite sunk in yet. :-\
In any case. Here we go:
A Brief History of The Lusty Lady (SF Lusty Lady’s official site)
Coolest Strip Club Ever, Closes With Fun Funeral (photo-essay chez Jezebel)
The Language of the Lusty Lady (accademic paper, posted by Peepshow Princess)
What It Was Like to Work at the Lusty Lady (article in The Atlantic)
Enjoy! 😀