This is a really good presentation looking at how measures that counter “human trafficking” (in the context of sexwork – since law-makers apparently never think about human trafficking in the childcare, agriculture, or construction industries…) are deeply linked with racism an colonialism in addition to sexism & whorephobia. Go have a look.


My speaking notes for my paper presentation today for Flaunting It 9. This was an amazing experience and it was great to hear all the other presenters share their knowledge. 

For my presentation, I will discuss how current human trafficking legislation and institutional definitions of domestic human trafficking specifically targets Indigenous women/girls. In addition to this, this paper presentation will discuss how colonial and oppressive legislation has negative implications regarding Indigenous women/girls agency and bodily autonomy, and in a much broader significance, Indigenous sovereignty. The two main papers that help situate human trafficking from the 20th century through to the 21st century are: The Traffic in Women essay by Emma Goldman and Canada and Migrant Sex-Work: Challenging the ‘Foreign’ in Foreign Policy by Leslie Ann Jeffrey. While Goldman’s Traffic in Women and Jeffrey’s Canada & Migrant Sex-Work address the same topic from different viewpoints, their main arguments are…

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