Peggy Blair - Getting Published

Sometimes  my books are a little prescient. That’s not always good, particularly when it’s a future  I don’t much like. And that’s the case with book three in the Inspector Ramirez series, which sees Inspector Ramirez investigating murdered jineteras  in Cuba while Anishnabe detective Charlie Pike investigates the murder of Aboriginal prostitutes in Ontario.

Early in the book, I have the Canadian federal government and provinces arguing over whether to create a task force to look into the deaths. These are mostly Aboriginal women, after all,  and no one really cares: they were hookers, they don’t vote. (Not my point of view, to be clear: the underlying political one.) And because the deaths cross multiple jurisdictions, this allows for the typical governmental finger-pointing that accompanies most Aboriginal issues, which means nothing gets done until the media picks up on the story. (I experienced this for decades as a negotiator and lawyer on the First Nation…

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