So, rather than being at the Supreme Court on Thursday, I was at the doctor’s office getting some Potential Health Stuff checked out. (Further checking-out will ensue in… a litte bit. I’m fairly confident that I’m fine, so don’t freak out).
However, after the doctor, I had the luxury of attending a reception at the Mariott, hosted by POWER. It was a lovely experience. I met folks from The Naked Truth and the Bad Date Coalition, swapped business cards with a few people, and got to catch up on what happened in court.
Of course, Twitter further filled me in later (#bedfordscc).
It sounds like things went pretty well. The judges questions (from what I hear) suggested that they were paying attention to the issue at hand (whether or not current laws make sexwork unsafe) and ignoring derailing tactics like, to pick an example at random, trying to make the hearing about whether or not sexwork is “moral[1]”.
While the judges are reserving their decision, I am definitely hopeful.
Here’s hoping.

Ms. Syren.
[1] Because that’s such an objective, unbiased way of looking at anything…