Hey, all!
So I have the wonderful experience of hitting up the Feminist Porn Awards this year. The next few posts are going to focus on what-all went down and my thoughts there-upon, starting with the Thursday Night nominees screening: Public. Provocative. Porn.
There were quite a few nominees, of course, and the screening only showed seven (in whole or in part), many of which were shorts. As someone who – perhaps surprisingly – hasn’t had much experience with visual porn (literary porn is quite a different story), this was particularly interesting because I seriously didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to local dyke dances where the hip, cool thing is to have Crash Pad episodes playing in the background, so I’d seen some of their work. I’d also seen the rough cuts of the stuff my (now-ex) girlfriend made while she was working in Toronto. But that was pretty much it.
I wasn’t expecting the bredth of story-telling that would show up – everything from silly, intentionally ridiculous premises (Biodildo); to artsy, very-literary – in that the sex was rather more in the voice-over than in the imagery – stuff (Taken), as well as numerous bits and pieces in between.
Some of my favourites were:
Taken: I like this one because of its cinimatography, but even more-so because of its story which, at its root and at its climax, is about the agency and active desire of the submissive. The “external” plot (if you will?) revolves around a recurring abduction scene but the actual story is about how the abductee is figuring out how to entice her abductor to come for her – what she has to do to get her abductor to show up, and how the waiting and wondering and uncertainty are part of the scene, even if it doesn’t *look* like the scene starts until the car pulls up and the person with the rope steps out.
I was really disappointed that Taken didn’t win an award. I think it should have (Best Kink, maybe? Even if that would have denied me the chance to hear Madison Young’s acceptance speech which, seriously, I just about cried… but I’m getting ahead of myself).
Krutch: I liked the way the scenes cut back and forth between the Main Character on her commute home (via public transit) and her getting herself off once she was in her bedroom (for the viewing pleasure of her gf, by the looks of things). It was well done, because it made the commute itself into a metaphor for the masterbation that was going on in the other scenes. The MC slipped and fell (the actress explained, during the post-screening panel discussion that “falling is part of my life” as someone with mobility issues) and this was translated into a metaphor for the vibrator Just Not Doing It during the home-scene. Fitting her crutch with a vibrating cock ring (I think) and starting up again, the cut-to scene involved trying to make a transfer and having to run faster, and faster, for a bus, which was a metaphor for the push towards orgasm.
This one got a lot of acolades over the weekend. Not surprisingly. But I worry that the main reason why it got so much applause was because it featured a crip-identified star (and, I hear, had a largely crip/disabled-identified crew)… rather than because it was a hot, well-put-together movie. Although it was definitely a hot, well-put-together movie, I don’t mind telling you.
Maybe it’s just the title, but I feel like the MC’s dis/ability was THE major plot element. I can’t tell if the same film, but featuring an able-bodied chick using a cock ring on her favourite softball bat, would have received the same recognition (or would have even been the same film, for that matter).
I’m looking forward to the point where the MC’s disability (or trans-ness, if I want to point fingers at the film that, later, won for Best Romantic[1]) is an acknowledged facet of their existence and, hey, their sex life, but isn’t the crux of the plot[2].
Because I Want You To Watch: An exhibitionist femme jacks off in an empty second(?) floor studio (dance studio, maybe?) knowing that someone is watching her doing it. I really, really enjoyed this one, in significant part because I could seriously identify with the character. We even have the same socks[4]. O.O I love her femme fabulocity, and I love her exhibitionism and willingness to do public (solo) sex. Win. (And it did. It won the Golden Beaver award, in the end).
Jizz Lee’s “Biodildo” was adorable and sweet and just silly enough to be a massively fun romp. “Bound Rubber Dolls” was… interesting from an aesthetic point of view (nothing says “fetish” like latex and shibari, particularly when the “sex” part isn’t going to be picked up on by people who don’t get off on straight-up latex and/or shibari), but wasn’t exactly My Thing. “Forbidden Lovers #1” was… disappointing. Mostly because of the use of the “We’ve just been moving so fast, I have to tell you something… about me” trope without putting any kind of a twist on it. I’m hella glad there’s someone (Nica Noelle) making porn for straight trans women (and their boyfriends) but, personally, I would have liked to see that particular trope flipped on its head.
I confess, I can’t remember what the seventh piece was. Maybe that says it all right there. :-\
Anywhoo. That was the screening. Ghost and I stuck around for the panel discussion that followed. Unfortunately, being stuffed up all to hell and having lost 3/4 of my hearing (temporarily – thank goodness) as a result, I wasn’t able to follow very much of it.
Sorry. 😦
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that was Thursday night.
More to follow! 🙂
Ms Syren.

[1] In this one’s defence, they only showed one vignette of three or four during the screening, so maybe the others were a little more racey/illicit/public/something… None the less, calling the movie “forbidden lovers” is… a bit off. A straight couple on good terms with their parents/future-in-laws and having vanilla sex (okay, in said parents/fils spare bedroom) is pretty-much anything but forbidden. I’m just sayin’.
[2] How ’bout a deaf[3] Domme telling her sub (gender irregardless, possibly or possible not also deaf) how to undress and where to touch hirself in order to give her the best possible show? As a suggestion. Just throwing it out there.
[3] Or *not* deaf, but some other ability/mobility issue – a domme who uses a wheel chair could work just as well in this situation.
[4] I have to say, I’m pleased as all get out about the fact that there’s more than just me walking around, feeling sexy as hell, in thigh-highs made of ribbed cotton. Seriously. 😀