Princess Kali (of KinkAcademy and PassionateU) is running a year-long online course called the Kink Leaders Program. It’s a minimal time committment (call it 4-6 hours per month?) that culminates in the organizing and running of a Fabulous Kink Event/Project/Service in one’s own community.
I’m looking at this because (a) it would be a handy skill-set to build on, (b) it would be useful in areas other than kink, (c) it would be a handy networking opportunity within the wider (North American? Global Anglophone?) kink community, and hey (d) it would give me a new project to work on (with help!) which would be awesome. 🙂
So I’ve sent off an email to Princess Kali asking a few questions (mostly around scheduling, to be honest), and am prepping to add this handy-dandy program to my personal 2013-2014 course of study on Leather, Power, Magic, and Religion.
Depending on what is or is not allowed in the conditions of the course, I may wind up blogging my homework assignments as I go along. We shall see. 🙂
Either way, I’m excited! 😀
[EDIT: I have now enrolled in the course. Here’s to a year of learning! :-D]
Ms. Syren.