Hi all,
So it’s been eight million years since I last posted. I’ve got a story submission due… now (but it’s ready!), I’ve been doing a bunch of modeling lately (YAY!), and the poetry festival I co-run starts on Tuesday (come to VERSeFest if you’re in town!).
None the less, there’s been stuff going on that isn’t directly related to me, so I’m bringing you a small heap of links. Hope you enjoy.
March 3rd, of course, was International Sex Workers’ Rights Day. There’s a really great article here that talks about the anti-porn/anti-prostitution movement within feminism and has this particularly relevant thing to say:
“Hatred of prostitutes has implications for all women who desire to determine their sexual existences. These obviously stigmatised targets allow a kind of thin-end-of-the-wedge, sanctioned misogyny. It is a small step from being able to dismiss some women as stupid sluts to dismissing all women as stupid sluts, the former operating as some sort of entry level for the latter.”
Worth the read.
You can also check out this wee entry on the World Charter for Prostitutes’ Rights.
Lastly, you might enjoy The Whorecast ft Siouxsie Q. I certainly do.
More recently (today), it’s International Women’s Day. Suzanne Moore has this article about why the whole thing feels kind of meaningless from where she’s standing. It’s not the best article in the world, but it raises a few good points, so I’m sending it your way.
Beyond that we have a post on IWD’s origins in the labour movement; Glitter Politic deconstructs a transmisogynist IWD video; and here’s a post from Trans Griot (from last year at this time).
Ms Syren.