I found this on a friend’s facebook page. It reminded me of my B is for Beauty post and got me thinking about life as an act of beauty.
When I read the words in that picture, I don’t read them as “Do life as a piece of over-the-top, Gaga-esque performance art” (although, honestly, maybe it does – maybe it was Lady Gaga who said that stuff). I read it as “Make everything you do beautiful, don’t settle for humdrum and dull just because it’s day-to-day life”.
My wife just bought an 86-year-old, heavy-duty sewing machine. It’s made of wood and cast iron and it has curved feet and rounded sides. It’s the opposite of it’s boxy, more modern cousin (we like antiques). For me, its curves and its weight and its solidity are all part of what makes it beautiful. For someone else, the sleakness of a modern surger might be what defines “beautiful sewing machine”. Either way, we’re both human. We are both drawn to beauty.
This is something I said to my Ghost this morning – that, for humans, it has never been just a clay pot. It has always been a clay pot embelished with some sort of decoration in terms of shape, texture, or colour; it’s always been a clay pot made beautiful. I think beauty – not just visual appeal, either, but eloquence, music, pattern, story, grace (physical as social), charm, and tact – is an important part of humanity. When I read “life is art”, I read “put effort into making life – all you do, and all you are – beautiful”.
I think it’s worth the work. 🙂
Ms Syren.