Okay. Rather like my last entry about Invasive Individuals, this GGBP entry isn’t actually about something I think is awesome. Quite the opposite, in fact.
There’s a guy in our neighbourhood who we’re pretty sure has taken it upon himself to be a one-man anti-sexworker patrol. We’ve heard him say some pretty horrible things about street workers, and we see him prowling around at night.
We saw him last night, and then we saw three cop cars turn up heading for where we’d seen a woman who looked like she might have been working.
All of which is circumstantial evidence and not acutally anything to go on in terms of Proof.

I hope she got somewhere safe.

I fucking hate it when this stuff happens.
Never mind the bit where people like That Guy are presuming to be entitled to police what women do with our own bodies, or determine who is “allowed” to walk alone after dark. I hate that “Community Groups” and individual vigilantes think they’re doing something good, think they’re making their neighbourhoods safer… when really what they’re doing is preying on people who are already vulnerable.
There’s a word for people like that.
It isn’t “hero”.