So I went to (some of) MLO over the weekend. I was there supporting my girlfriend while she competed in the first ever Bootblack Ottawa competition. She and the other competitors were working their stands for a good four hours on Friday night, and then again on Saturday for another eight. This was to give the three judges a chance to check out their technique, their skill levels, and their various approaches to working on other people’s boots.

My Ghost’s bootblacking stand, as seen in our tiny, crowded living room.

I turned up while Ghost was still doing her Official Interview – where the BBO Judges ask her a bunch of questions about leather-care, community history, and how to act as a title-holder – so I got to watch her work for most of the day.
A fellow named JJ was live-blogging for Leatherati, and he brought Ghost a challenge: Neon orange patent leather shoes. (Check out the “before vs after” pic by following the link).
Apparently word gets around, because she – a definite new face among the MLO crowd, most-of-whom are Ottawa Knights – was booked pretty solid all day, Saturday. Granted, so was everyone else. 😉
I was really proud to see her working, and to see how people were commenting on how much knowledge she had.
She had her own submissive, Kitty[1], on hand to do things like coffee-runs and such.
I confess that I felt rather useless. Being there for morale support is important[2], but it doesn’t get sandwiches into her when they’re sitting, uneaten, on the supply table and she hasn’t had a bite in six hours. 😦
She did, eventually, get some food into her. Thank goodness.
She attened the formal dinner, which sounded phenomenal – squash, parsnips, lamb shank, and mashed potatoes (I only went to the free part of the day, plus the awards show – I’m thinking that, next year, I’m going to need to come out to All Of The Above) – and then prepped for the awards show kicked off at 9pm.
She won.
My Ghost is the first ever title-holder of Ottawa Bootblack.
I’m really proud of her. I’m looking forward to seeing what she makes of this role over the course of the next year.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

Ms Syren.
[1] I like her. She’s thoughtful in a lot of different ways, and she’s good at anticipating what my girl needs in order to make her life easier.
[2] More important than I knew. She told me, this morning, that my believing in her makes it easier for her to believe in herself. I just about cried, but that’s me.