Hey folks.

So I realize that I’ve been neglecting this blog. (Honestly, given the choice between blogging about stuff that stresses me out and depresses me – like our current government and its treatment of everything I love and value and consider good about my country; or the astonishing degree of unuterably stupid hatred in the world – or blogging about magic, religion, and my latest adventures in food preservation… I’ll take the latter).

However, every time I find myself scratching my head and wondering what to talk about on here, I get handed something that I can’t pass up.

So, verbatum from Radical Handmaids:


From the National Abortion Federation:

A U.S.-based anti-choice group has launched a manipulative and misleading ad campaign in Canada, and we need your help to stop it from continuing to air.Milk Carton

The so called “Milk Carton” ad produced by VirtueMedia has appeared on CTV, and inappropriately attempts to use the once popular milk carton “missing children” campaign to misrepresent safe, legal abortion care. In addition to being distasteful, the ad violates several provisions of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards:

Standard 1. (a) Accuracy and Clarity: Advertisements must not contain inaccurate, deceptive or otherwise misleading claims, statements, illustrations or representations, either direct or implied, with regard to any identified or identifiable product(s) or service(s).The ad contains inaccurate information about the legalization of abortion in Canada and makes deceptive and misleading claims about a safe, legal medical procedure.

Standard 9. Imitation: No advertiser shall imitate the copy, slogans or illustrations of another advertiser in such a manner as to mislead the consumer.VirtueMedia even states on their website that the “…milk carton has become a recognizable icon to display the photos of missing children…” and they are clearly copying this illustrative symbol in their ad to advance their anti-abortion agenda.

Standard 14. (c) Unacceptable Depictions and Portrayals: Advertisements shall not: demean, denigrate or disparage one or more identifiable persons, group of persons, firms, organizations, industrial or commercial activities, professions, entities, products or services, or attempt to bring it or them into public contempt or ridicule.
This campaign is another attempt to negatively depict women who choose abortion care.

Honour Canada’s long-standing tradition of protecting women’s health and tell Advertising Standards Canada that this deceptive advertising campaign has no place in Canada! File a complaint with Advertising Standards Canada about the Milk Carton ad and then spread the word on Facebook and Twitter to #stopMCad.

Thank you NAF for your amazing work overall and in this case, for giving Canadians constructive ways to fight back!


NOTE: You will need to provide a “when did you see this ad” date if you send a complaint to the ASC. These ads have been showing up since at least June 29th, 2012, if that’s a help to anybody.

You could also contact CTV directly (try Media Enquiries, most likely) and leave them a complaint about the offensive advertising, since they’re the ones airing it. One creative thinker (who commented on this post) sent a note to the Dairy Farmers of Canada, since the ad is dragging milk products into the fray.

The ad in question, if you want to check it out for yourself, is available on the anti-choice group’s website.

Ms Syren.