This Saturday, I’ll be attending a Rainbow Youth Event in Pembroke. (That’s Pembroke, small town in Renfrew County, for those who aren’t familiar with the location). I’ll be there to meet and mingle with the Rainbow population in one of the rural areas of my LHIN (I work for Rainbow Health Ontario, and my Outreach Area includes urban Ottawa and a number of not-so-urban spots within a few hours drive of here), hand out business cards, make some contacts, and see what-all’s going on in Renfrew County.

Come As You Are
May 12th, 2012
Workshops: 11:30 – 4:30
Dance: 8pm – Midnight

There will be workshops. Some of them are “fun” workshops – making comics, doing drag; and some of them are fun-but-serious (think sexual health information and How To Form a Rainbow Alliance). I’m really glad to see some of the Service Groups from Ottawa – specifically the Youth Services Bureau and PTS – offering workshops at this event.
There will also be a Drag Dance. (I confess, I’ll be going High Femme in the name of showing that queer doesn’t need to mean “gender non-conforming”, but that’s just me — I’d be going High Femme anyway. πŸ˜‰

I’m really excited about this event, pretty much entirely because it’s happening in a fairly conservative (or is that Conservative?) area of my LHIN – the organizers want to Bring the World to Pembroke, in part so that the local youth who come to the event know that there are (lots) more of us out there, and we don’t all live in Toronto (although one of the organizers of Come As You Are tells me that, for youth in Renfew County, Ottawa is seen as this Bastion of Big Gay Everything, so maybe they already know that…)

Ms Syren.