So. One year ago today, I collared my servant.

Last year, it was a Saturday, and happened to be Spring Fling 2011 on top of that. Today is rather more low-key. (We keep joking that she should shampoo a rug or something on special occasions like this, but it’s mostly business-as-usual today).

She has an appointment booked with a local tattoo parlour and will be having some appropriate words inked into her wrists this coming Friday. (Er… just in time for us to take part in Come As You Are – a rainbow youth event happening in a small town near us – with bandages on her wrists… Woops).

I still feel very much like I don’t know what I’m doing (for more on that, try the cultivating entitlement and holding power tags) but I’d like to think that I feel like this because I keep staying on my own edge, rather than resting on my laurels (so to speak) where it’s easy.
Who knows.

Anyway. That’s my news. I was saying to my Ghost this morning that I like having a life where we have lots of anniversaries to mark. It makes me happy. 🙂 (And gives me an excuse to do fancy, if light, dinners every now and then). 😉

Ms Syren.