So. It’s April 25th. The Radical Handmaids are preparing to meet on the Hill. Apparently there’s a bus coming up from Montreal to join us. There are similar events happening in Winnipeg, Toronto and Victoria.

This shouldn’t even be up for debate.

No-one’s skipped enough Grade Eight Biology to miss the bit where a human fetus is human-by-DNA. Duh. The problem with suggesting (let alone legeslating) that a fetus is human-in-the-eyes-of-the-law is that by granting Human Rights to a fetus you simultaneously take those same rights away from the person carrying said fetus in her[1] uterus.

Fetuses aren’t Human under the law because women[1] aren’t simply walking incubators.
Gods. We’ve been Persons under the law for barely more than 80 years[2]. I’m not about to see that fucking change.

I have a friend, a mom of two, who says that if she hadn’t been pro-choice before her first pregnancy, she would have been pro-choice by the end of it. She says that nobody should ever have to go through the exhaustion, nausea, and pain of a pregnancy, and the massive toll it takes on your body, without actively wanting to do so.

She’s right.

I’ll be wearing red. I’ll see you on the Hill in two hours.

Ms Syren.

[1] Typically. Some guys have uteruses, too.

[2] See The Persons Case for details.