Happy 30th anniversary (that’s right, it’s younger than I am) to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

That link goes directly to the Charter (as it exists in the Constitutional Documents section of the Department of Justice’s website).
You can learn more about the Chater of Rights and Freedomes here (wiki page).

Over the years, different groups have gained protection under the Chater – French Canadians and Queers being two. Currently, Bill C-276 seeks to “…amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to include gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination. It would also amend the Criminal Code to outlaw hate speech that advocates genocide against groups distinguished by gender, and to allow evidence that a crime was motivated by hate based on gender to be taken into account during sentencing.“. I approve of this plan and would like to see this bill passed[1].

Anyway. I just wanted to take a minute and go “YAY! Charter of Rights and Freedoms!”

Ms Syren

[1] understatement