I have to take two mintues to squee/brag a little bit.
See, we’ve had Pest Control in this morning — our (new) landlords are (finallly) treating the Roach Problem that’s been aflicting our building for years. Huzzah! (Here’s hoping it goddamn works!) And what this means – aside from, we hope, no more roach problems for any of us – is that everyone in the building had to pack up their kitchen and empty their cupboards completely. O.O
We got word of what we needed to do, and when we needed to have it done by… on Easter Friday. A scant few days before Pest Control was going to be coming through.
Yeah. On the one hand? Great. Three-day-weekend means extra time to pack and clean.
On the other hand? Holiday weekend means multiple family visits and going out of town.

So here I sit, amids the entire contents of my kitchen (carefully packed into boxes and/or neatly stacked on the dining room table), and I want to squee. Why? Because my servant kicks ass. That’s why.
Moving – and, more to the point, all the stuff that goes with moving: packing, and clutter, and upheaval – stresses me out a LOT. And, as Ghost put it, packing up the kitchen was like all the hastle and stress of moving, minus the benefit of actually going somewhere new. So you can imagine just how helpful I was with all of this. It took about ten hours to clear the kitchen, and well over half of that was done by Ghost, by herself, after she got home from her day job. And she made sure that our unexpected guest and I had tea and dinner and everything on top of that.

So, yeah.

My girl is awesome, and I’m very, very happy to have her. I and I just figured I’d tell the internet about it, so that everybody knows. 🙂

Ms Syren.