So, my Ghost and I are looking at getting her some white-work done.
White-work being tattoos done in white ink.

I’ve been looking at examples of same – particularly ones that involve writing, as the tattoos we’re going for include words – and I think I figured out one of the major things I like about this kind of work.

See, in addition to their relative subtlty (on pale skin, which is what she has), I like how they pop (more) when you get a tan (which she will, in force, over the summer), but beyond that:
They look like burns or scars.
They look like something that was branded or cut into the bearer.
And I really, REALLY like that look. 😀

Anyway. We’re only in the preliminary stages of this – looking for an afordable artist who does white work and has good penmanship while tattooing someone’s wrists – but that’s in the works for us.

She asked me, this morning, what it meant to put those marks on me, and I answered “It means that the collar will never come off, even if the leather one around your neck wears out, because it’ll be part of your body.”

And that’s about where things are at. 🙂

Ms Syren.