There’s also this event coming up in mid-April:

Who *is* that stunning woman in the tight jeans? Maybe I'll get to meet her on April 14th. 😀

No More Apologies Ottawa is inspired by the original No More Apologies event that was held in Toronto back in January and, like it, is happening so that we in the queeer chicks community (or communities) have a chance to talk about transmisogyny in Women’s Spaces, navigate fears like “Will she think I’m fetishizing her body if I tell her I think she’s hot?[1]” or “Can I get naked at this play-party, or will the c-girls get really hostile at me if I do?” among numerous other things, and hopefully come up with some solutions and some new language. There will also be a pleasure-based safer-sex and negotiating-consensual-hookups talk by moi and the lovely Jade (which, with any luck, will be fun and educational for all).

Anyway. I’m looking forward to it.

Ms Syren.

[1] I worry about this one a lot, actually, and I feel more than a little weird about it because, yeah, as a cis woman, I feel a bit like I’m going “Oh, poor me! What if the girls I like reject me?” when whatever possible hostility I might, maybe, in that event, be facing isn’t actually getting backed up by systemic micro (or macro) agressions, transmisogyny, or masculine-privileging (just to name a few)… and yet I still want to be able to talk about that, about where is the space for a woman like me (for trusting a woman like me?) between the the two barbs of “untouchable” and “walking fetish” that trans women have directed at them?