Inspiration comes in unexpected places.
I decided to fill out someone’s survey about same-sex couples and relationships, and one of the questions essentially asked the respondent to write some fairly personal porn.
Specifically, it asked:
Please write a fictional paragraph, according to your personal preferences, describing an ideal sensual encounter or fantasy between you and a partner. You may of course choose to write about your current partner.
Though you are not limited to your choice of words, you must incorporate the following verbs in this paragraph:
To love/To be loved (someone/by someone)
To kiss/To be kissed
To touch/To be touched
To hold/To be held
To caress/To be caressed

I’m not entirely sure I’ve done what they wanted, but this is what I wrote:


You’re a long drink of water in a sequined top; all leg in those jeans, and wouldn’t I love to have them wrapped around me. But this is how I work, see? Maybe I’m all about being in charge but I have to know you want it. I need you to make the first move: notice me noticing you and let me know that you like it; sashay over here and compliment my necklace, tuck your long hair behind your ears and smile, so I know you noticed me, too.
Would you like to dance? Kick up those high heels with me, then slip outside for a drink and a chance to talk?
Would it ruin everything if I kissed you?
My stomach may be fluttering, heart pounding under this cocktail dress, but I want to hold your hand in spite of it. I want to hold more than your hand, in fact; want to trace the length of your spine with my tongue, knot my fingers in your hair, graze your throat with my teeth, caress your cheek, then slap it. I want to be rough and gentle with you at once.
But I never was any good at these one night stands. Too easy to get my heart broken by someone who only wanted to touch me, open to me, then go. So I gotta know: Are you interested enough, interesting enough, to take the time to know me in the not-so-biblical sense?
Are you willing to risk my heart tonight?
Are you willing to take the chance that you’ll love me back?


I’m hoping to work it into a longer piece over the next little whilte, but I figured I’d throw it up here for now. 🙂

Ms Syren.