Hey. So this weekend, at the University of Ottawa, there’s a sexworkers’ forum, presented by POWER and Students for Sexworkers’ Rights, that looks at the trade from a bunch of different angles (thense the title of the event and this post).

Friday Night (tomorrow) opens the event with a panel discussion, moderated by Chris Bruckert, and including panelists who are, or have been, involved in various aspects of the sex industry including: agency managers, indoor and outdoor workers, male and female workers, outreach representitives, and clients of sexworkers.
Their event page says: Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear the stories of five extraordinary people who will discuss their involvement in the sex industry, and who courageously speak out for the labour and human rights of sex workers. We hope you will participate in this dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.
The panel discussion begins at 7pm on Friday, January 20th 2012 and goes until 9:00pm. Doors open at 6:30.
We’ll be in room 218 in Morisset Hall (65 University ave).

Saturday (link goes to full schedule and locations of workshops) is when the bulk of the forum takes place. Starting at 11am, there are a series of discussions, presentations, and workshops including “Transforming the prostitution narrative” (on sex, gender, and sexual orientation as they relate to working in the sex industry); “Regulating sex work: From criminalization to labour organizing”; “Aboriginal communities, allyship and sex work”; “Sex Work and Disability” (clients with disabilities, providers with disabilities); and “Sizing up the Sex Industry: Body Size in the Sex Trade”.

There will also be free food, FYI. 😀

Sunday night there will be a showing of “”La Putain de compile”, followed by a discussion at Raw Sugar Cafe (692 Somerset St. W) from 7:00 to 9:00pm.
The event page for the screening tells us: “La Putain de compile” is a video-project by the Pink Panthers in collaboration with the video-activist collective Les Lucioles and with Stella, a Montreal by-and-for sex workers organization. It’s a project that aims at giving another discourse on sex work than its mainstream representation.
A selection of short films from this project will be shown in French and English with opposite language subtitles.

Here. Have an interview with members of POWER and SPOC (actual interview starts around 3:40, before that there is some relevant preamble that you may wish to hear as well):

(As a side-note: Here are a couple of links to further posts about what went down at the Women’s Worlds conference at U of O last summer, when the above interview took place).

Ms Syren.