So. I’ve spent the last two months getting increasingly prep-heavy for Solstice and Xmas at our house. I’ve written about how this relates to the way I manifest my own dominance before, however today I’d like to touch on where I fall down in that department.

See, it’s Dinner Week. Meaning that last night was the small-scale, family-deities-and-ancestors dinner[1], and tomorrow night is the Big Solstice Shindig.

And what typically happens when I throw a party, or a dinner, or some other event that involves food and space preparation (this totally happened at Spring Fling, too), is that I end up in a squirrely, strung-out head-space where I Must Do It All Myself. Even when I know I have four hands instead of two.

The trouble is that, while I can develop a routine, I’m not very good at Instructing on the Fly, so to speak. And so I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, just wanting people to stay out of my way – because, even though what I really want is for people to Move That Couch or Clear That Table or Put The Coffee On or Dress and Set the Table… I’m in a state where I can’t think far enough ahead to articulate that, or articulate how to do it Right, or to sort out what order they need to be done in so that my helper(s) and I aren’t working at cross-purposes.

This (a) leaves me feeling frazzled and, sometimes, put-upon or irritated[2], and (b) probably leaves my helper(s) feeling awkward, underused, and potentially incompetent.

None of this is a good thing.

So. What can I do to mitigate this?

I think what I need to do is to develop a Plan beforehand where I’ve not only sorted out what needs doing, but have also sorted out who will be doing it. It’s not a perfect solution – case in point: tomorrow evening, my Ghost will be getting home with The Wine a scant half-hour (if we’re lucky) before the guests are due to arrive. Her main task will be Having A Shower, while I make sure the food gets set out and the birdcage gets moved into the bedroom. None the less, I think it’s worth trying and, hey, at least then I’ll have a list of what can be delegated versus what I want/need to do myself.

It couldn’t hurt.

Ms Syren.

[1] Complete with house-cleansing and spell-work, although minus the divination – in part because that usually happens at the Big Shindig.

[2] Because, what, they can’t just read my addled mind and see the jobs that need doing?