So my Ghost and I paid a visit to her relatives earlier this week. And I made sure we had presents (home-made presents, for the most part, just because that’s how I roll) for everybody.

I’m proud of getting everything done. 🙂

Miz Ghost said to me, on the way, that she appreciated my making sure that got taken care of.

What I said was “It’s kind of my job.”

Now, as you all know, Ghost is my servant. So that she responded with “Er, actually, it’s my job to do that for you…” will come as no surprise.

The thing is… as her dominant, (a) I’m her protector, and (b) she’s my responsibility. So I look at Prepping for Xmas like this:

Ghost, like many members of the Rainbow Community, has a bit of a fraught relationship with the second half of December. I don’t. For me, the whole Solsmas Season (which, honestly, starts sometime in October for me just because of the DIY Gifts thing) is… stressful, sure – there’s a lot to do and limited time to do it in – but it’s also fun, it’s sharing my hearth and my skills, it’s creativity, it’s beauty and shiny and music and good food and getting together with my nearest and dearest (friends, chosen family, family of origin, you name it). I *like* this time of year, even when it’s fraught, and I *like* giving out presents[1] that are at least useful, but ideally Perfect and Meaningful or otherwise something glorious that the receivers will cherish and enjoy.

I also absorbed a fair bit of the “It’s the Wife’s Job to deal with the presents” – while Ghost and I are both women and while we aren’t legally married, I think of her as my wife, and I think of myself as her wife so… Combine that with my sense that “A Dominant protects Her submissive” and my understanding that Ghost’s reaction to Xmas is basically to duck and cover… and add the bit where I have about four extra hours of useable time/day on any given week-day… I see it as my job to deal with the gift-y stuff.

My personal goal is to help her forge a new pattern for herself, wherein all the hoo-ha of December is exciting and joyful, in spite of the stress, so that she can find enjoyment in gift-hunting, prepping for family visits, and all the rest of it. (At that point, I may decided that delegating bits of The Shopping – or whatever –is definitely the thing to do. But this year? I have no problems with it being on me).

Anyway. That’s where I’m at right now. We’re hitting up a friend’s place to decorate her tree this evening, so: Off I go.

Ms Syren.

[1] I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about how the nature of my Dominance is that I’m The Princess and, as such, like to distribute largess? It ties into that as well as the Lady of the (small, roach-prone, glitter-strewn) Manor thing where I strive to be the embodiment of generosity and grace, even if I tend to fall short of that fairly frequently.