I miss my Ghost.

She’s out of town, visiting her own submissive, this weekend and I’m at home Using My Time Wisely (no, really) to hustle for modeling jobs, find feature performers, and – more to the point – bust my ass getting all the Xmas (and Solstice – I suddenly have Heathen quasi-relatives! Whee!) stuff ready for our trip to visit Ghost’s parents on Monday.


And so, yeah. I miss my Ghostling. I miss her company and the comfort of her presence. No question. But I also miss her availability as my servant.

No kidding.

I miss her ability to act as my chauffeur (which would have cut my trip to the South End of town literally in half, time-wise). I miss her keeping my kitchen functional and tidy, even when I’m making preserves all day. I miss her bringing me tea and sitting by my feet, being a comfort and an anchor in her own right.

She’ll theoretically be back in… 24 hours or so.

Missing my girl,
Ms Syren.