I wrote this two years ago, in memory of the women who died in the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre in Montreal, today in 1989.

Fourteen Reasons

because they wouldn’t fade
into the background

because they knew the risks
of living
in a man’s world

because they were brave and
risked them anyway

because they wouldn’t
the boys win

because they were smart
and capable
and knew it

because they didn’t want arts degrees
or secretarial certificates
but wanted this

because they went after
what they wanted
and got it

because they were in the wrong place
at the wrong time

because they were exactly where they belonged

because they were
a bunch of feminists
even the ones
who wouldn’t have said as much

because they were just like you
like me

because they were
always ever and only

because they are remembered
and so many others aren’t

at the root of it
they died
because they were

December 6th - Take Action on Violence Against Women!