I have a bit of a Thing for shoes.
I am what Midori refers to as a “foot hedonist”. But – being a big femme into femmes – I’m also the more traditional kind of foot fetishist and can totally appreciate someone else’s insteps.

Being the kind of lucky individual whose partner’s kinks dove-tail really well with her own (score!!!), and (at last) having a little bit of extra cash lying around, I went out and got us both new shoes.


Leopard-print, d'orsay (I think), pointy-toed 4" stilettos with ankle straps. For my sweetie.

Cherry red (or there-abouts) pointy-toed, d'orsay (I think) 4" stilettos with ankle straps (for me)

Are they not wonderful? 😀

I spent 9 hours yesterday wearing my spiffy new shoes and writing porn. I like them. I like them a lot. 🙂

Ms Syren