There are a couple of different ways that you can take up power in someone else’s life. Even if we’re just talking about explicit power-exchange relationships where that Taking Up is out in the open and acknowledged, there are still a whole bunch of ways in which it can be done. But, by and large (I think), they boil down to:

1) Receiving/Accepting it
2) Claiming/Taking it

Both of these methods are acceptable – at least once the opening negotiations are done – but they work in different ways and one may appeal more, or less, to any given dominant.

Some folks may find that claiming/taking power in their exchanges is much easier for them to do because, as a for-instance, it feels more like they’re in charge when they’re picking and choosing the pieces of power they want, whereas being offered specific bits and pieces of power may feel like being topped from the bottom, pushed around, or otherwise like they aren’t really the dominant in the relationship.

Myself, I’m typically better at receiving/accepting power that is offered to me. Being Demanding terrifies me (mostly because I’m afraid of getting scolded about it when I’m hoping to get what I want and opening myself up to the vulnerability of asking for it with that hope written large in my delivery). So I’m much more comfortable picking up the power that people offer me than I am with picking up someone’s power and going “Mine now”, even when I know that said person has basically laid the profusion of their power before me and said “Go ahead, help yourself”.
None the less, I periodically surprise myself – and my Young Lady – by picking something up of my own volition.

I’m not entirely sure what this says about me as a dominant, but I will speculate at length in the next day or two.

Right now, I’m off and running to my birthday dinner.

Happy birthday to me,
Ms Syren.