Working on a longer post about consc(ient)ious entitlement. In the mean time, you get links.

Not happy links.

There is this, from Scalzi over on Whatever. (Follow-up post is here).

It’s related to this, which is from a food writer (dear enough to my heart, as that’s part of what I do over at Urban Meliad).

Then, rather more to the fucking point, there is this. From IttyBiz. (Follow-up post here).

Fuck. This garbage goes bad so much fucking further than Kathy Sierra.

Gods. Okay. So, yeah. Sometimes this stuff just makes me want to despair. And sometimes it makes me want to get loud and emphatic. And sometimes it makes me want to turn off the damn computer and go live on The Land in a self-sufficient, eco-feminist womyn’s cooperative[1] where I’ll never have to come into contact with misogyny ever again[2].

But doing that doesn’t work, and it doesn’t solve the problem. So you flick the computer on again, and you don’t shut up.

Ms Syren.

[1] Womyn with a Y includes both cis and trans women, fyi.

[2] I can dream.