In non-D/s-related news:

I found a tumblr today called Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor.


I love it. I love that it has drawings like this and this and this that show you can draw a woman warrior without having to go the route of either putting them in dude-drag or putting them in armour that sucks.

I love this site.

The only bit I don’t love – and I really, really, REALLY don’t love it – is this pic.


Yeah. “I say we kill her on principle”. WHAT.


And I know there will be a zillion people going “it’s a fucking joke, lighten up”.

But, see… That’s the problem.


The same misogynist culture that is constantly sticking women (from Red Sonja, to Sucker Punch, to the women of Pellucidar, and on and on and on…) in useless, cheesecake-y “battle gear” is the SAME ONE that says “Girls who wear minimal clothing are sluts,” and, more to the point, “Violence against sluts is Okay”. (Case in point: “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”).


When I see this attitude perpetuated on a site that (in its “about” section) acknowledges that there’s nothing wrong with Sexy, but that they appreciate images of women warriors where battle practicality and protection are taken into account… It makes me want to scream. I hear, echoed therein, every prohibitionist feminist who has ever jeered at the women who work in strip clubs, who has ever said that escorts who want safe working conditions for themselves and their co-workers are doing this because they “want to traffic other women”, who has ever described sex-positive, whore-allied feminists as brainwashed tools of the patriarchy (in so many words, or fewer). I hear the voices of every “feminist” who would rather see women marginalized, raped and murdered, again and again and again, than accept that sex, their own discomfort notwithstanding, isn’t actually the enemy here.


So, yeah.
An otherwise awesome site, but their August 18th post definitely gave rise to a rant.



In tangentially related news: Please do go and read this post from Halifax writer, Kaley, on sexworkers’ rights, decriminalization, and the difference between “abolish” and “prohibit”. It’s really, really excellently done.



Ms Syren.