So, as-you-know-bob, I am both a pagan and a poet.  I am also a domme who is still uncertain of her power and abilities.

During offerings today, this came to me.  It’s more a prayer than a poem, but there it is.


Give Me Strength


Let me be strong like the oak

is strong               steadfast

and constant even in my changing

Let me plant both feet

Solid      in this good earth

Sink roots into loam

that welcomes me

Let me bear        in my body

presence enough

to be a landmark to the lost

strong limbs enough to shelter those beneath me

Grant me the strength

to bend and grow and yet still know



Let me be strong like the tide is strong

Wild and surging even in my constancy

let me   follow a rhythm

that is mine alone

let me be home

to multitudes

Let me bear        in my body

power enough

to carry more lives than my own

power to shape

the yielding earth

that cradles me

Give me the strength to move and change and still remain