So, the local sex-positive, woman-focused, queer-friend book-and-toy-store, Venus Envy, has had its ads censored by Facebook.

I know.  WTF.  Granted, this is the same social media platform that freaks out over breast-feeding pics and photos of dudes kissing other dudes.  So maybe I should be surprised.

But not being surprised doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed off.

I mean, really, it’s not like they didn’t specify that their ads should only appear to FB users who are (or at least list themselves as) 18 years or over.  So – leaving aside the bit where youth should totally have access to information on healthy sexuality – basically FB has decided it has the right to be some kind of “moral arbiter” for its adult users.

Um.  Sorry, but NO.

If you agree that FB’s censorship policy is messed up, don’t think sex is a bad thing, and/or haven’t done this already, I suggest that you go to the Venus Envy Ottawa Page and join it by pressing the “like” button.  You’ll get information from them about workshops, events (like the upcoming Reading Out Loud event), and you’ll also be showing your support for sexual education, awareness, and ZOMG pleasure(!) which, frankly, all need more support in this uptight mess of a sex-loathing culture.

– Thanks, and cheers,

– Ms. Syren.