So I’m giving something a try.  There’s a certain well-known online big-box-store that pays people (on commission) for linking to their products.  Basically, if I link to a Thing on their site, and someone clicks my link and buys the product, I get a microscopic amount of cash.


This is a situation that does not suck, particularly since said well-known online big-box-store had a scrap a few years back wherein they were basically hiding their queer, kinky, and erotic stock (sending them to the very bottom of the search results, that sort of thing) on the grounds that it wasn’t “family-friendly” enough and the rotten result (among other things) was that homophobic stuff (information on how to “pray away the gay”, for example) was topping the list when people were searching for information on how to come out to their families or be supportive of their queer and/or trans family members.  Not good.


So I figure I’ll exercise some benign self-interest here and, for the most part, link to queer, kinky, and erotic products at their online store.
There’s a slim chance it’ll help me out financially and, beyond that, I get to talk up books (it’s going to be mostly books) that I think are awesome (or not) to an audience who will (theoretically) find them relevant to their interests.  Hopefully everybody wins.


So, with this in mind, I’ll be uploading book reviews every now and then (ideally more than once a month, but we’ll see — my plan is to keep it proportional to the number of posts I’m making in general, rather than trying to overwhelm the blog with money-making schemes).  Sometimes they’ll be erotica anthologies.  Sometimes they’ll be books about leathersex.  Sometimes they’ll be books about D/s and sometimes they’ll be books about healing from sexual assault.  But not always.  Sometimes they’ll be books about paganism and permaculture as well (just to mix things up a bit. 😉


Anyway.  I just wanted to let people know that was happening.


– Cheers,

– Ms. Syren


[1]  My queer, kinky, porn-positive, sex-working phamily AND family were just SO impressed with this…