So the Unholy Harvest website is up, and spiffy, and features pictures of my Fabulous Shoes (and at least one picture of my Fabulous Dagger) digging into, or resting against, various bits of my Girlfriend/Servant’s anatomy.

I am, as always, excited about this event.

First of all, I love hanging out with smart, thoughtful, D/s- and S/M- oriented, kinky-as-fuck (and frequently blood-thirsty) women.  Which this event is pretty-much made for.

Second of all, I’m hoping to do one of the two workshops for-which I submitted proposals today.  I’ve had good feedback from the organizers, which is wonderful, but they’re getting lots of great proposals, so we’ll see if either of mine make the cut (here’s hoping!).

– Cheers,

– Ms. Syren