Hi there.

So, once upon a time, I was given server space by a friend of mine, who seriously facilitated the set-up of a wordpress blog so that I could write more “public” style posts about the things that turn my crank — gender, kink, D/s, sex work, smut-writing, professional modeling, and sex-positive feminism, just to name the most prevalent themes I worked with.

Unfortunately, I recently had to reinstall my operating system, which lead to my having to reinstall a heap of programs — including WordPress — on my computer.  Something I’ve never done before.

Long Story Short:  I accidentally deleted the entire contents of my blog, and was fairly helpless to fix the problem.  I decided to take the opportunity to start things over in a way that I, as a non-tech person, could actually manage (thence using the wordpress site).

I figure, I will either use this blog as a replacement for Dangerous Women (which will involve uploading to this site as many of my old posts as I still have), OR I’ll use it as a place to blog about Paganism, Urban Farming, Seasonal Eating, Animism, Foraging, and similar stuff.  Or both.  (Probably both).

Either way, I’m going to be setting this place up over the next little while.  Bear with me, and do stick around.


– Cheers,

– Ms. Syren